Name: Barairo Ikkakujuu
Meaning: Rose colored unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: January 16
Blood Type: B
Appearance: 5’6’’,115 lbs with smoke grey eyes and short lavender hair partially tied up into pig tails on the sides of her head. The part not tied up goes not quite to her shoulders.

Personality: Ikkakujuu is a very energetic girl and is always doing something. She started ballet to give her something to do and has turned it into a lifestyle. She dances because she enjoys it. She gets along very well with Clover and avoids Tamashii entirely.

Education: Presently attending T*A private school
First Appearance: Book 02, Act 06: A new girl at Rei’s school?


Talents: dancing, art
Fears: breaking her legs
Dislikes: brown, dirt, being hurt
Likes/Hobbies: Dancing
Favorite Food: health foods
Least Favorite Food: greasy foods
Favorite Subject: Gym, art
Least Favorite Subject: history
Favorite Gemstone: amethyst
Favorite Colors: pastels
Favorite Mythological Animal: Unicorns
Favorite Animal: horses
Favorite Flower: violet
Least Favorite Flower baby’s breath
Club Membership: Musical Theatre
Strengths: agile
Weakness: physical weak


Senshi Name: Sailormonoceros
Senshi Title: The graceful warrior
Introduction Speech:
First Appearance: Book 02, Act 06: A new girl at Rei’s school?
Planet: Procyon
Aura Color: Lavender
Colors: Tan, pastel green, lavender
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapon: Dance Ribbon


Tan colored scarf, star shaped broach, and back bow; pastel green front bow; lavender skirt and ankle high boots



Basic Henshin Phrase: Monoceros Constellation Power, Make Up!
Super Henshin Phrase: Monoceros Spirit Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: silver pendant carved like a unicorn’s head
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: Air with powers coming from innocence
Elemental strengths:
Elemental weaknesses:

Name of Power: Monoceros Ribbon Strike
Power Type:

Name of Power: Monoceros Dance Step Repeat
Power Type: Defensive
Description: After saying this, Monoceros starts to dance. Any enemy affected by her attack is compelled to imitate her. The results can often be quite entertaining.
Affected Area: One target


Princess Name: Tsubasa
Name Meaning: Wing
Attire: Her light lavender dress was quite simple in the front with a light cream colored section right in the middle running from the top to the hem, but the back had pleats starting at the base of her spine. Tied in a bow behind her neck was a light turquoise ribbon, extending down to her knees. Her lavender gloved hands toyed with the turquoise ribbon that wound around her dress from the single shoulder strap over her right shoulder. It wrapped around to the back of the dress and came back around down at her waist on the right side, vanishing around to the back again to end where the pleats began.
-- Book 05, Act 19: The Past
Powers: none
Personality: No change to personality
First Appearance: Book 05, Act 19: The Past


Opening Theme: “The Last Unicorn” - America
Image song:
Dance Club Mix:
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix:
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: “Star” - Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2