Name: Ryuuza Chuuten
Meaning: Draco Zenith
Nicknames: Niji-chan
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthday: June 28
Appearance: She has long, rainbow colored hair that splits in the back at the shoulders two form two wing-like sections. Her eyes are pink. She’s not overly tall, standing at a meager 5’2’’ and weighing 110 lbs. She’s quite solidly built but doesn’t really look it as she has a tendency to slouch and make herself look as small as possible.
Personality: Shy, honest, quiet. These three words are typically used to describe this timid girl. They’re quite accurate, really. Chuuten is very much a wallflower. She refers to everyone around her as either –sama or –sempai. When speaking, she always uses a very quiet voice. She gets upset very easily.

Fears: Pyrophobia - fear of fire.
Dislikes: intense heat, being yelled at
Likes: swimming, cooler temperatures, rain
Favorite Food: Indian food
Least Favorite Food: shrimp
Favorite Gemstone: Harlequin Opal
Favorite Color: cool blue
Favorite Mythological Animal: hippocampus
Favorite Animal: bottlenose dolphin
Favorite Flower: Sea Holly, water lily
Least Favorite Flower: buttercup
Strengths: honesty, research
Weaknesses: conflict, noise, fire
House/Kingdom Etamin

Senshi Name: Sailoretamin
Senshi Title: The Zenith Star
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Etamin
Aura Color: sea green
Colors: sea green, sky blue, copper
Type of Character In Battle:
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapons: none
Fuku Design:

Henshin Phrase: Etamin Planet Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: not available at this time
Origin of Power/Influence: water with powers coming from tides
Elemental strengths: rain, holy, mist
Elemental weaknesses: heat, electricity, alchemy

Name of Power: Etamin Tidal Surge
Power Type:

Princess Name: Chouseki
Name Meaning: Tide