Name: Hoshino Ryuuei
Meaning: Dragon soldier of the stars
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: April 23
Blood Type: A
Appearance: Ryuuei is very tall for a Japanese girl, standing at 5’9’’ and weighing in at 150 lbs as she’s very slight in build for her height.

Personality: Ryuuei is a very outgoing, happy girl most of the time. She tends to be a little shy at first around strangers, but will warm up relatively fast. She has a tendency to prefer children to adults, but will get along with them all the same. She does get upset very easily, but, once things are explained, she calms down just as fast. She does, however, treat all people with respect, and, with people she has met before, a casual friendliness, unless given a reason to treat them differently. She doesn’t have many friends, but will eventually make some.
When she gets angry, Ryuusenshi clams up to the point where you practically have to force her feelings out of her. It’s the same when she’s sad or experiencing most negative emotions. The more negative the emotion, the more she clams up. When she’s happy or excited, she acts like Minako or Usagi do. Her sense of humor is really odd. It’s a bizarre blend of a very, dry, sick, twisted, and casual sense of humor. She’s terrified of heights and enclosed spaces, as well as having an irrational fear of love letters.
Ryuusenshi is very competitive in things she likes to do, like music. She is very passionate about things she likes and reacts very badly to those who back talk those things she’s passionate about. She takes school and her hobbies very seriously. She loves animals, especially cats, but isn’t too crazy about dogs. She isn’t entirely sure what to make of being a sailor senshi and is learning very slowly what it’s like. It helps that she can call the senshi friends.
Education: Presently attending Juuban high school
First Appearance: Book 01, Act 01: Idol Talk


Talents: singing, dancing, acting, taking things as they hit
Fears dealing with large groups of people
Dislikes literature
Likes/Hobbies star watching, cats, dragons,
Favorite Food: chicken fingers with sweet and sour sauce
Least Favorite Food: fish, mushrooms, cheese, and bread
Favorite School Subject: Ancient History, Ancient Writing, gym
Least Favorite Subject: literature
Favorite Gemstone: emerald
Favorite Colors: white, purple, blue, green
Club membership: astrology
Favorite Mythological Animal: dragon
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Flower: snap dragon
Least Favorite Flower none
Strengths: The ability to take everything as it hits
Weakness: dealing with large groups of people
Family: she’s an only child and her parents are divorced
History: Ryuusenshi is a child of divorced parents. She became popular in the music industry as a singer two years ago and has since achieved the popularity that the Three Lights enjoyed. Not long after transferring to Juuban High, she was discovered to be Sailordraco.
When she grows up, she just wants a quiet life with her family.
Guardian: Demeter, female cat


Senshi Name: Sailordraco
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech:
First Appearance: Book 01, Act 04: Rise of the Dragon Star
Planet: Thuban
Aura Color: emerald green
Colors:dark green, purple, light purple
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapon 1: Draco Flute
Weapon 2: Silver Glaive
Basic Fuku


Her first fuku consists of a green scarf, front bow, tiara stone, and skirt; dark purple star broach, back bow; green boots just above knees with heels and with alternating dark purple and light purple bands.


Her super fuku has the same colors. A green stripeless scarf, light purple chocker and front bow with a dark purple heart shaped broach and long back bow Her bodice now has short sleeves and is cropped to show her navel. The sleeves and bodice hem are edged in green. Her skirt appears to be like the traditional sailor skirt except that the skirt band is grey and the green skirt goes up a short ways above the band. It’s edged in light purple. Her gloves are almost the same, but they don’t quite go up to her elbows now. The base of her boots are still green, but the ribbons have changed. At the top, there’s a dark purple ribbon with a diamond underneath. Beneath that is a light purple ribbon. A line of light purple diamonds trail down to the dark purple ribbon wrapped around the foot of her boots.


Basic Henshin Phrase: Draco Constellation Power, Make, Up!
Super Henshin Phrase: Draco Spirit Power, Make, Up!
Henshin Object: A silver dragon ring linked by a chain to a silver bracelet set with a chunk of emerald
Basic Henshin Transformation: She brings her arm up in front of her face, ring outwards, eyes closed. A green light emanates from the eyes of the dragon and wraps around her, forming her bodysuit, scarf, and front bow. The star shaped broach glows and light wraps down her body, forming her boots and gloves. The symbol for Draco appears on her forehead, then is replaced by her tiara. She opens her eyes then and poses with her flute.
Origin of Power/Influence: Fire with powers coming from music
Elemental strengths:
Elemental weaknesses:
Name of Power: Draco Harmony Blast!
Power Type: Offensive
Description: The attack uses her flute. It’s generally her first attack. When she arrives, she plays a short melody. The attack itself is similar to Mercury’s Aqua Rhapsody. She doesn’t always use all three words. Sometimes all she says is simply Draco or Draco Harmony. In those first two cases, after speaking, she puts the flute to her lips and plays. What she plays depends on what she wants to achieve. However, if she uses all three words, it implies the full power of her attack will be used. This time she doesn’t play. She lets her power sing through the flute as it glows. The light will radiate out and a melody will play, one that, to her enemies, is heard as being very painful, whereas to her allies, it is heard as being their favorite tune.

Name of Power: Draco Fierce Dragon Illuminate
Power Type: Offensive
Description: This attack sends a shower of lightning sparks at the enemy from her outstretched hands.
Affected Area: 10 foot radius

Name of Power: Draco Divine Punishment!
Power Type:Destructive
Description: Her flute glows and lengthens, curving slightly at the end, turning into her Silver Dragon Glaive. She holds it in front of her, eyes closed. The blade glows and she stretches it up above her head, still in front of her. It reaches a pinnacle and she lowers the point to the ground. A slight flute like sound can be heard as she swings it around her head, then the glowing blade sends a burst of light at the enemy, vaporizing it
Affected Area: 10 foot radius


Princess Name: Ryuuta
Name Meaning: Dragon song
Attire: She wears a purple bodice with a dark green skirt slashed in the front to reveal a dark purple underskirt. She has dark green skin tight sleeves under dark purple sleeves with golden undersides. The top of the bodice is edged in gold.
Crystal/Weapon: Silver Glaive
Powers: none
Personality: No change to personality
First Appearance: Book 05, Act 19: The Past


Opening Theme: Ameagari (Matsushita Maeko)
Image song: Yo ga akeru mae ni (Satou Akemi)
Dance Club Mix: Kimochi wa Tsutawaru (Boa)
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix: Flying without wings (Westlife feat. Boa)
Background Mix: Complicated (Avril Lavigne)
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix: Dance of Curse (Escaflowne)
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix: Sad Sailorsaturn theme (Vanessa Mae)
Sorrow Mix: City (Sarah Bareilles)
Closing Theme: “Pure Snow” – Sasaki Yuko