Name: Hakuchouno Mizuumi
Meaning: Swan Lake
Princess/Prince: Princess of Deneb
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: August 01
Blood Type: unknown
Appearance: She’s very tall, standing at 6’, but with a small frame. She only weighs 150 lbs. Her eyes are light grey. Her hair is blue and only goes to her waist in civilian form.

Personality: She’s cold, like ice. She sees things in a very straightforward and logical manner. She tends to not display any kind of emotion, but this is more due to the trauma of her time with the enemy than anything else in her life. For those who remember her from before then, recall a more outgoing if occasionally cold woman. She isn’t very creative.
Education: not attending school

Talents: skating, logic
Fears dealing
Dislikes art
Likes/Hobbies skating
Favorite Food: Sesame snaps
Least Favorite Food: meat
Favorite School Subject: sciences
Least Favorite Subject: arts
Favorite Gemstone: jasper
Favorite Color: lavender
Favorite Mythological Animal: Rocs
Favorite Animal: eagles
Favorite Flower: Hydrangea
Least Favorite Flower unknown
Club Membership: Track and field
Strengths: Logical
Weakness: Cold and uncreative
Family: unknown, presumed dead
History: Cygnus was once known as the warrior Sarin working for Hercules Kamen. At the same time that Orion and Hydra were saved from having their powers leeched by Sarin and Maasym, Sarin, in her guise as Orion, was healed and returned to her proper form as Sailor Cygnus, thus completing the Summer Triangle with Aquila and Lyra.


Senshi Name: Sailorcygnus
Senshi Title: The warrior of ice
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Deneb
Aura Color: grey
Colors: grey, light green, dark blue
Type of Character In Battle: offensive
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapon: Crystal Sword


Dark blue chocker, glove bands, and skirt. Gold star shaped broach. Grey collar and knee high boots. Light green front and back bows.



Basic Henshin Phrase: Cygnus Constellation Power, Make Up!
Super Henshin Phrase: Cygnus Spirit Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: teardrop shaped pendant
Henshin Sequence:
Origin of Power/Influence: earth with power coming from ice
Elemental strengths:
Elemental weaknesses:

Name of Power: Cygnus Ice Avalanche
Power Type: Offensive

Name of Power: Deneb Swan Harmony Power/
Power Type:
Description: In concert with Aquila and Lyra, this is the beginning of the Summer Traingle
Affected Area:

Name of Power: Summer Triangle Harmony Illumination
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Also in concert with Aquila and Lyra. This is the trio’s attack.
Affected Area:


Princess Name: Hyoushou
Name Meaning: Ice crystals
Attire: Silver neck ribbon tied in a long bow, reaching to her knees. Silver sleeveless bodice above a dark blue skirt with a lavender sash around her waist.
Powers: none
Personality: No change to personality


Opening Theme: “Cold as Ice” – Foreigner
Image song: It doesn't matter (Alison Krauss and Union Station)
Villain Theme: “Lies” – Evanescence
Dance Club Mix: “Moment of Weakness” – Bif Naked
Memory Retrieval Mix: “Before the Dawn” – Evanescence
Romance Mix:
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix: Through Glass (Stone Sour)
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: Swanheart (Nightwish)