Name: Taci Corazon
Meaning: Silent Heart
Pronunciation: TAY see kor ah SOHN Gender: Female
Age: Immortal; looks to be in her late twenties
Birthday: unkown
Blood Type:
Appearance: Her feline form is a cream colored cat with a silver crescent moon on her forehead. As a human, on the rare occasions that she can be found outside of her sailor fuku, she has shoulder length white-blue hair, lavender eyes, and very pale skin. She wears part of her hair up in two odangos. She’s very tall and thin with hardly any curves. She’s very small busted.
Clothing style: She tends to dress in very loose bottoms and tight fitting tops. She’s also very fond of layers. For instance, she’ll wear a pair of leggings under a sarong with a tight t-shirt under a short tank top. She loves to wear sandals.
Personality: Astarte is a little on the bitter side of life. But really, who can blame her? After KnightHercules turned her into a cat, life became very difficult for her, so the bitterness came up as a means of coping with it. Not helping is her immortality. She couldn’t even die to be reborn back in her human body. As a cat, she was bitter, as mentioned, and hermit like, shunning all contact with people. This wasn’t hard for her to do, really, given the events that followed her…unfortunate transformation.
Education: Who knows what she’s learned in her incredibly long life?

Talents: Collecting information, memorizing things,
Fears: being eaten, being color blind
Dislikes: red, harsh smells, overpowering smells,
Likes/Hobbies: History, Fridays, mild incense
Favorite Food: honey, beer, wine, eggs
Least Favorite Food: pomegranate
Favorite School Subject: History
Least Favorite Subject:
Favorite Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Favorite Color: lavender
Favorite Mythological Animal: Sphinx
Favorite Animal: bull, dove
Favorite Flower: Rosetta
Least Favorite Flower:
Family: br> History: Taci is originally from the Sol System. Shortly after the Silver Millennium was founded, any senshi that chose not to align themselves with the Moon Kingdom was forced to leave. Astarte was among those that had to leave as were the Olympians. She wears her hair in the odango style as a senshi and in the smaller odango style as a civilian to remind herself of the past.
The Olympians, angered at having to leave their homes, made their way to the planet Thuban where they tried to take over from the ruling King. They were defeated with Astarte’s help. Astarte was given a place on Thuban

Senshi Name: Sailorastarte
Senshi Title: The Immortal Warrior
Introduction Speech:
Planet of Origin:Asteroid Astarte (Asteroid #672, Semi-major axis(AU) - 2.56, Eccentricity - 0.13, Inclination - 11.1, Absolute Magnitude - 11.10)
Planet of residence: Thuban
Aura Color: medium purple
Colors: yellow, blue, medium purple, silver
Type of Character In Battle:
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapons: Astral Scepter
Fuku Design:

Henshin Phrase: Astarte Argent Power, Make Up!
Henshin Item:
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: Stars with powers coming from light
Elemental strengths: Holy, void, love, war
Elemental weaknesses: darkness, wind, thunder, poison

Name of Power: Starlight Shower
Power Type: Offensive
Description: The attack bathes the target in a beam of bright light that had a purplish tint to it. It’s quite painful to the eyes.

Name of Power: Astral Jihad
Power Type: Offensive
Description: A cone-shaped spray of stars blasts outwards from her outstretched hand, burning holes in her target. This is more effective on monsters. On people, it just leaves stars shaped burn marks on their skin and clothes.

Name of Power: Astarte Radiant Stars
Power Type: Destructive
Description: A column of stars spirals down from the sky to do massive damage to the target.

Name: Hyourin
Name Meaning: the moon

Opening Theme: “Otsuki-sama ~UTIKI-SAMA~ ” – Final Fantasy X
Image song:
Dance Club Mix:
Memory Retrieval Mix:
Romance Mix:
Background Mix:
Henshin Mix:
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix:
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: