Planet of Origin: Maasym
First Appearance: Book 01 Act 04: Rise of the Dragon Star
Affiliation: The Olympiads
Senshi level: eternal
Senshi Title:
Origin of Influence:
Type of character in battle:
Senshi Strengths:
Senshi Weakness:
Aura/Primary color: dark purple
Secondary color: red
Tertiary color: forest green
Other colors:
Fuku design:
Civilian name: Akunen Anshishouku
Meaning: evil thought dark purple
Age: indeterminate
Appearance: her has very long golden blond hair and light grey eyes.
Gemstone: amethyst (guard against guilty and fearful feelings, protection from self-deception, a protection against witchcraft)
Flower: White violet – Let's take a chance
Power name:
Power Level:
Power Type: