Initiative Personnel


A little absent-minded, but generally focused on her tasks. She is very stable and seemingly normal. When she’s working, she focuses completely on the task at hand.


She has no tolerance for any rudeness. She speaks in a very flat tone of voice. She meets rudeness with brute force, attacking anyone who has been rude. Manners are all-important.


Dislikes rudeness, but not as violently as Pegasus. Her pet peeve is people who don’t stay on topic or who jump rapidly from one topic to another. She dislikes being questioned.


Polite to a fault. Manners are important to him. He’s willing to experiment with things and people and takes any excuse to test his theories. He likes to give fair warning when he’s about to do something. Suggestions from his subordinates are always taken into consideration.


She loves to experiment, but is otherwise fairly unremarkable.