This fanfic wasn’t always the way it is today. I started writing this while taking a Greek and Roman mythology course at Grant MacEwan Community College at their south campus in Millwoods. We’d been going over the 12 labors of Hercules/Herakles or however you want to spell that. For some reason, the Apples of the Hesperides stuck in my mind. Given the information about the Tree, the dragon Ladon and how he became the constellation Draco, I had just about enough information to create a new otaku senshi.

The story itself started out simply enough. It was to be connected with the Sailor Sirius fanfiction written by my friend Sharlienne (or Ai-chan). After a few chapters, I decided to do my own thing. I was very heavily a fan of Yate/Starhealer at the time, so I decided to make him Ryuusenshi/Draco’s love interest, but I changed that half way through, deciding that it was way, way to Mary-Sue-like. I didn’t want to turn Ryuu-chan into a lesbian, so I had to do something about that. This prompted the creation of Cepheus Kamen, who is essentially a Yaten look alike. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. They aren’t identical though. They just look very similar and have similar hair and eye colors. I didn’t design him until very recently though.

Let me backtrack a bit. My team of senshi was initially going to consist of three, maybe four people: Sailor Draco, her best friend Sailor Lyra, her enemy Sailor Polaris, and the middle girl Sailor Aquila. Add Cepheus Kamen onto that and we had a nice team. Then I did a very, very stupid thing and delved into the constellations. I really wanted another male senshi, so I took Kornephoros, a villain, and turned him into Perseus Kamen. After discovering what made up the Summer Triangle, Sailor Cygnus was created and tacked onto the character Sarin, one of the other villains. Since I had two male characters now, I decided to add a third. Thus, Hydra Kamen was created and along with him his cousin, Sailor Orion.

Further digging into the constellations revealed something that prompted the creation of Sailor Ophiuchus and gave my plot a twist. I like twists. They make life more interesting.

Now that I had all of my senshi, I decided to go back and edit the work I’d already done. You know, adding more detail, fixing errors and the like. The other significant change was to the names I used. Sailor Draco became properly known as Sailordraco, Perseus Kamen became KnightPerseus and so on and so forth. It’s hard at first to type that way, but you get used to it eventually. Besides, it’s how their supposed to be written so I made the adjustment.

So that’s where this all started and how it evolved into what it is today. Just one more thing. Those bloody uniforms. You’ll notice that, even though my senshi are from outside the Sol system, their first level uniforms are on par with the canon senshi’s first level uniforms. Why? Oh believe me, I came up with a good reason, one that will be showing up in the next couple chapters even though their uniforms have evolved to their super levels and are fairly different from the Sol fuku though in some cases they’re quite different. Like Supersailororion, Supersailorcygnus, and Supersailorophiuchus. My Knights are now vastly different from their Prince Endymion-esque fukus.