All of the otaku senshi (read: non-canon characters) on this site are of my own creation. Please do not take or use them without talking to me first. Sailormoon is the creation of Takeuchi Naoko. I'm making no money off this piece of fan fiction. This is for amusement only and should not be taken too seriously.
This fic may contain some mature content, such as death and such, so if that bothers you, please go elsewhere.

Crossover Fanfiction policy
Sure! Just talk to me first, ok? I don't necessarily have ideas for crossovers, but I'm certainly amenable to my characters being used in them. Again, just talk to me and we'll work something out.

Fanworks policy
Yes, I accept fan submitted works. I love fan work. Fic, art, poetry, whatever. Currently, I only have a subsection of the site for fanart, but it's easy enough to add more pages to the site.
For fanart, please keep the images a decent size. My web space isn't infinite. Submit images in .gif, .jpg, or .png formats only. I really, really hate reformating images.

The Constellation Senshi
This fic has been in the works since January 10, 2001. It was originally only going to be about Sailordraco and the Sol senshi, but then I created Sailorlyra and Sailormonoeros. The rest of the cast as you know it soon followed. Their names have changed slightly from Sailor Whoever and So-and-so Kamen to their present forms. The story has its basis in Greek Mythology and was conceived during a Mythology 101 class I was taking in college. It was also supposed to be a kind of crossover with Sailor Sirius, the fan character of a friend of mine at the time, but I decided to change it and make it completely my own after a few Acts.

Not all of the characters have bios up on the page and I do want to get enemy bios written as well. Eventually, this page will be finished and the story ended, but I don't see that happening in the near future. Keep watching for updates!