The following is a list of items, weapons, characters, and monsters, that appear in BSSM:D.




Minotaur Monster Act 02
Nemean Lion Monster Act 03
Cerberus Monster Act 04
Chimera Monster Act 05
Hydra Monster Act 06
Caucasian eagle Monster Act 07
Cancer the Crab Monster Act 09
The Erymanthian Boar Monster Act 17
Skythia Monster Act 21
Silver Flute Draco's first weapon Act 04
Silver Glaive Draco's second weapon
evolved form of the Flute
Makhaira Perseus's weapon
Razor Wind Aquila's weapon
Golden Lyre Lyra's weapon
Dance Ribbon Monoceros's weapon
North Star Polaris's weapon
Celestial Bow Orion's weapon
Cat o' nine tails Hydra's weapon
Crystal Sword Cygnus's weapon
Cadeuceus Ophiuchus's weapon