Name: Aimee Whitmore  
played by: Diya Mirza
Status: Alive
Species: human
Affiliation: Scooby Gang, Watchers' Council
Nationality: American
Current Age: 22
Occupation: Vampire Slayer
Age at activation: 19
Height: 5’6’’
Eyes: light brown
Hair: brown
Date of Birth: July 03, 1984
Watcher: James Thompson, deceased
Abilities: Aimee is a Slayer and as such has all of the powers and abilities thereof. These include superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and accelerated healing. She also possesses a type of precognition that warns her of impending danger through her dreams. Slayers are also supposed to be able to sense vampires and other demons.
Outside of being a Slayer, Aimee is a fair hand with computers and plays the cello, though she’s out of practice.
History: One of the Slayer Potentials that Giles brought to Sunnydale, Aimee didn’t socialize with the other Potentials much. She’s very reluctant to get close to anyone, as her family was slaughtered by vampires when she was 15 and her Watcher died getting her on a plan to Los Angeles where she would meet up with Giles and, hopefully, be safe. She gradually came to befriend Amanda, a Slayer killed in the Hellmouth battle later, Xander, Spike, Willow, Siobhan and Andrew. She dislikes Kennedy and tolerates her because of her relationship with Willow. Known Associates: Faith Lehane, Siobhan O’Malley, John Winchester, Ellen and Jo Harvell, Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenburg, James Thompson, Xander Harris, Spike